The Luliluli Story

When my youngest turned one, it was time to pass on or recycle her "baby stuff." I was overwhelmed by the amount of single-use gear and plastic in the baby space that we couldn't re-purpose. 

Fast forward a few weeks, when I casually mentioned this to my mom, she reminded me of the duyan she used for my brother and me as babies. A duyan is native to the Philippines - a rocking bassinet made of natural materials like rattan, hand-woven abaca, or rope. 

The duyan kept baby sleeping as you rocked it ever so softly - no batteries and power needed. Just a caregiver's love and supervision. 

This is when Luliluli was born. 

Our mission is three-fold:

  1. To care for our babies. Babies love to be close to you. Parents and caregivers have used bassinet to keep baby near for many generations, especially during those first few weeks. Everything we source is lightweight and portable so that you can keep the baby near you throughout the day.
  2. To care for our Earth. In 2017, the USA produced nearly 35.4M tons of plastic, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Each conscious decision we make to support sustainable and biodegradable products contributes to reducing our environmental footprint. When baby outgrows their Moses Basket or Changing basket, it becomes home for their favorite stuffed animals and baby dolls. 
  3. To care for our communities. We currently partner with Baba Tree Basket Company in Ghana for the Moses Baskets and artisans in Vietnam for the Changing Baskets. It is vital for us to partner with organizations that align with our goal to provide fair wages and working conditions for the communities that create these one-of-a-kind items we feature at Luliluli. 

Thank you for your support of our small business Luliluli, our vision and mission, and for taking the time to read about our story.

Wishing you love and comfort this 2020 holiday season.