The Minimalist Nursery

I've been a big believer that less is more, especially for your baby's nursery. Why? You probably won't use half of the things you got from your baby shower because it just doesn't flow with you and your baby's rhythm! 


The first three months with my girls were: nurse them, feed myself, keep hydrated, lots of diaper changes, lots of chillin and snuggling. That's it. So that dictated what their baby nurseries had.


What's was in our minimalist nursery?


  1. Crib - HOWEVER, the baby slept next to me and husband in a bassinet for the first three-ish months. Waking up to feed every three or four hours, sleep was essential for my mental well-being, so if I could feed the baby and place her back in the bassinet to sleep... that was the perfect setup for us. May I suggest a Moses Bassinet! stylish, easy to move around, comfy cozy for babe. 
  2. A large play/ crawl space with an easy to clean rug. We used the Regalo Sensory and Learning extra large play mat.  


Changing pad? I used a waterproof pad and called it a day.


AND THAT WAS IT. In terms of actual baby hardware for the first weeks of my babies' lives. 


Once they hit the rolling/sitting up stage, it was another story and I went nuts on Amazon but I will save that and what I've learned from it in another post.


Cheers, mama!